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 Friday, September 8

I took a bunch of pictures but the only good macro lens around here is on my film camera, so you'll have to wait until I get them developed. coughorbuymeaD50cough They change so much every day, hm. I wonder if the video camera can do timelapse? I'll post pix someday but it may be a while before they're developed and scanned. coughamazonwishlistcough

I'm shopping around for chiropractic because this neck thing just isn't going away. Right now the price to beat is: a hundred bucks to walk in the door, 150 for x-rays, and 50 per adjustment after that. I'm kind of disappointed; the guy I used to go to on Park Avenue charged me 25 a week for three visits a week, and comped me the x-rays. I thought they took some kind of oath to help hoi polloi out but I guess not so much. So that's at least a few hundred bucks and it sure is hard to spend it on something that will probably just heal itself eventually. I'd totally rather buy a camera.

3:51 PM

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