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 Monday, September 18

Got a wine rack today, which was made of cheap Ponderosa pine and looked it, so I decided to stain it before I put it together. I found an unopened can of stain down in the garage and used that. I have no clue what we originally bought it for, or why we never used it, but the color turned out to be perfect. The rack is in the living room and just kind of looks like it's always been there. It totally doesn't look like shitty pine at all anymore. That Minwax is magical stuff. Unfortunately I splashed some of it on my shirt and it's totally roooned. You'd think they'd put some kind of warning on the can or something.

Three argies are in full flower these days, with two more to follow in the next few if the weather isn't as shitty as the forecast says it will be.

11:59 PM

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