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 Friday, August 18

The oven was broken, they said it couldn't be fixed, the parts were no longer available, but today the nice man fixed it after all and it works just fine.
My neck was pretty fucked up and I couldn't really tilt it to the left or twist it to the right, but time and rest seem to be healing it nicely and soon it will work just fine.
My ear had been doing a weird clogging thing for a few days, like it needed popping or had water in it, and the whole left side of my world was attenuated and strange for no reason I could figure out. But that seems to have sorted itself out and now it works just fine.
An unusual job at work took hours out of my life chasing down wild geese and red herrings and doing tons of stuff that didn't need doing, but we managed communication yesterday and now the final deliverables are in London and should work just fine.

I'm somehow maintaining a healthy balance of work and play this summer, enough money to get by, enough time to read the wonderful books I've bought recently and to implement the things I'm learning from them.

Life's good. And I know it is.

10:08 PM

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