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 Saturday, July 15

Me? I've been reading about facet joints. I somehow managed to give myself a sort of slow-motion whiplash last week in grappling class which meant I couldn't move my neck for a few days (other than World Cup Final day, when I, erm, self-medicated hard enough that I pretty much forgot about it, with predictable bad effects the next day). I was finally getting most of my range of motion back yesterday and then I stupidly went to Core class last night, totally underestimating how much you use your neck in karate. So now it hurts like a bitch again. The good thing is that a friend from the karate school is a physical therapist by trade and gave me some pointers so I will be able to fix it. Unfortunately I know I can't do any kickabutt for a while. I hate that. A week off helps the neck but makes it much more difficult to go back. Another week or two will do more of the same. I'll be back to square one by the time this thing is over with, and I'm not at all happy about that.

Meanwhile, I read a book by Jillian Michaels which turned me onto the idea of metabolic typing (test yourself here). It makes a lot of intuitive sense to me (and, frankly, when I see a woman with arms like those, I OBEY her), so I'm going to give it a shot for the next few weeks and try to minimize the damage from my forced inactivity.

Happy birthday, Uncle Sweet Adorable Freddie <tm that big radar tower we used to pass on the way to Grandmom's house>

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