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 Wednesday, April 5

Ok so I was going off to work this morning, all happy since it's finally warm enough that I don't need to wear a hat anymore and I saw on the Weather Channel that there was a big clearing between two green bands of rain and I got lucky and timed my walk perfectly so that I got to the school while it wasn't raining and after I got there it did start to rain so I put the plants outside so the poor things could have a nice rinse and I was watching them to make sure they didn't blow over because they're rather potbound and very topheavy and I was wishing it would rain harder to wash the dust off the leaves instead of what it was doing which was a weak spitty Seattle drizzle which really was only making drop marks on the dusty leaves but then it did start to rain a bit harder and that was good and I was keeping an eye on them to be sure they didn't blow over and I noticed a droplet or two seemed to get caught by the wind every now and then and the rain seemed to be getting fluffier and lighter and it happened more and more often until finally I was forced to admit that it was fucking snowing so I hustled the poor tropical plants back inside and then it started freaking blizzarding like to the point where buildings disappeared in the whiteout and I thought I was dreaming and I shook my fist at the sky and reminded the universe that it was springtime dammit but it just snowed and snowed and then it slowed and slowed and within an hour the sky cleared and turned Simpsons blue and the sun came out and all the moisture dried without leaving a trace and it stayed like that for the rest of the day.

Okay, it was hard even to type that.

Grappling class was interesting. The black belt I've posted about before, the one who goes full throttle all the time and is considered Not Fun to partner with was there. Normally she gets there early to change for class and everybody sees her come in and decides not to take grappling. I did it myself on Monday. But tonight she came in after some of us had already committed to taking the next class. I heard at least one person curse under her breath. Anyhow, the class happened as usual, we did a bunch of drills and stuff and then it was time to free grapple. The woman she was with, a friend, complained loudly about something the black belt did too roughly, and when it happened again she just lost it and refused to grapple with her again. Sensei saw it happen and quickly switched us around, and chose me to go with the black belt. I couldn't get anything on her in that round, but she didn't get me too badly either so whatever. We went again in the next round, and I got her in a side mount which she couldn't get out of. The one advantage I have, and it's growing at an alarming rate, is my size...and I used it. Did I ever. I squished her like a bug. I felt like pounding my chest after that. Fuck with my friend, will you? ROAR! The best part was, I got to look like the hero by nonchalantly grappling this girl, even though I didn't want to at all. We did the whole phony handshake thing and the situation had defused itself by then, so that was good. I went with my friend in the round after that and we exchanged silent snarky glances and I think she felt better. I know I did.

Now I have a mystery to solve. The guy I went to high school with who's been going to the karate school handed me a little item as he was leaving and said he hoped I still listened to cool music. It's a SanDisk and I don't have a reader for it, but I see online that I can get something that should do the trick for just a few bucks. It's totally worth it just to see what is on this disk. I wonder if it's a custom mix or just a bunch of random stuff or what. I can't wait to find out. It's been way too long since someone made me a mix tape.

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