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 Sunday, April 23

I'm preparing the fridge for a new arrival: some kefir grains via the kindness of an internet stranger. I hope the yogurt isn't jealous, or the Chia Cheese in the back there. I love this trend toward homemade stuff; I made mayonnaise today and don't intend to buy it premade again, at least not as long as it's made with soybean (hydrogenated) or canola (just gross) oils. It's just like the yogurt making and coffee roasting: a bit of not-hard work once or twice a week and the payoff is a much higher quality of life and a lot of money saved.

Wish I could sew, though. I need to get some new jeans, stat. It's not about fashion, it's about holes. Shoulda gone to the Sally today but it was pissing rain out there and I just couldn't get my butt in gear to walk over. I'll go one day this week after work, maybe.

8:36 PM

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