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 Monday, March 20

I got my last stripe today. That little belt icon over there is going to look just like that for a long long time. No more carrots for me...not until the next big step, and that one's a lulu. It's cool, though. Now I can completely forget about how many classes I'm taking and concentrate on all the stuff I have to do to get to the next level. There's a lot. But I am finally feeling like I'm making progress again; little changes in my footwork are producing results, and I've been thrown to the kickboxing deep end with no option of the kiddie pool anymore, so that's forcing me to work harder, which is good. My lazy ass would stick with the water wings forever if they let me.

Yesterday I had a moment where I just stopped what I was doing and reflected on how happy and grateful I am for the life I've had so far. Today I had a moment where I decided the best thing to do was chuck everything, cash in my 401(k), and run away where nobody could possibly find me. Wonder what it'll be tomorrow.

Well, one thing it'll be is 2 minutes and 43 seconds longer than today, so yay for nature, yay for spring.

11:41 PM

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