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 Tuesday, March 7

After I left work at the school today, a red-eyed young man stopped me on the way to the PATH train. He was very polite and asked if I was familiar with Hoboken, said he'd just come out to his parents and his dad kicked him out of the house. All my SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! alarms went off, but he didn't ask for money or anything, and he really did look upset, so I suggested he take the train into the city, since there'd be a lot more resources there than there would be in Hoboken. He didn't look any less sad, but thanked me and I wished him luck and went on my way. I thought about it on the way to the train and as I got to the station I realized I should have pointed him toward the Community Center on 13th Street. I went back to where he had been, but he was gone. I looked for him at the train station but didn't see him there either. Good luck, kid, if you were for real. There's a rainbow flag flying just a couple blocks away at the one gay bar in town; I hope you found it, or at least found someplace safe to sleep tonight.
11:55 PM

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