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 Monday, January 16

Loosening up all over, notably my neck which is pretty damn wonky right now after some extremely unlicensed chiropractic in grappling tonight. But what I'm more talking about is the ol' creative juices.

I've been playing with Garage Band, as we know, and popped out something mildly interesting last night, like you do. The difference this time is that I've resolved to stop just doing sketches and try to come up with finished songs. So I kept working on it, still am, really, and dang if I'm not really enjoying the process. Normally I'd take whatever happened easily, whatever emerged fully-formed on a big ol' coquille, file it away with a clever or descriptive title, and that'd be the end of the story. But this time around I'm forcing myself to make something more solid. I'm mulling over the lyrics right now, stuck at the usual crossroads of honest and silly, leaning toward silly, of course. I like the way the lines are interweaving but am still not done with the content, if that makes any sense. I'm paring down the bits and tracks that don't need to be there and basically not just settling. This of course is everyday stuff, if one's a musician, but as someone who's not, it's very enjoyable to realize it doesn't have to be done in one sitting. It'll probably still end up mediocre and never be heard by another living being, but like I said, it's all about the process, not the product, and I'm happy with that.

Fonely I'd thought that about the quickie painting I did the other day, but, whatever, it's on the wall and I'm already starting to not see it.

And also fonely the juices would moisten this stupid article a little bit.

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