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 Saturday, December 31

I've been buying paper: a five-year diary (with a little lock and everything!) and some nice Moleskine journals which I'm already afraid to sully, one dated journal to be my new dream log and a couple undated books for... for I don't know what. But I felt the need to buy them today. Well, order them online, that is. Of course none of them will be here until well into the new year, but that's kind of okay; this way I can write entries on scrap paper to start and then copy them neatly into the new books, thereby avoiding the terror of that first blank page.

We had the grups, B's brother A, and Jff over for dinner last night. Took two days of cooking and cleaning to make it look like we just casually threw it together, three kinds of deviled eggs and all. It wasn't until disturbingly late that someone made the connection between the rioja and cava we were drinking, the flamenco music that was playing, and the assortment of little bits of food we were eating, so maybe the whole tapas theme wasn't as obvious as I thought, but in any case, a lovely time was had by all. We were so efficient with the prep and the cleanup I think the house was back to (a rather tidier version of) normal by the time they got back to 22nd Street. And that includes playing a couple games of pinball.

Unfortunately, something I ate or drank triggered an icky asthma attack which kept me up most of the night, but fortunately I didn't have to get up today so it all worked itself out with just a little bit of weird timing. And now I know the relevant acupressure points to hit for the next time. (All the usual medications, from Primatene Mist to coffee, involve some kind of speed, not quite what you want to be sucking on at 4AM.)

I'm mostly bummed because I thought I'd narrowed the culprit down to a combination of red wine and nuts, something easily avoided. But I didn't have any red last night, so that's out. I did have cava and some almonds I'd roasted, so the nut/wine theorem remains a possibility. Maybe one of my new journals will be a food diary so I can figure this stupid wheezing thing out once and for all.

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