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 Monday, December 26

I sloshed my flabby self back to kickabutt classes tonight, a few pounds heavier than I was on Friday. Against my better judgment, I stayed for grappling even though the only other woman staying was the tough little black belt I've posted about before. She's been out for a few months, so yes, there's an asterisk next to it, but I GOT HER TO TAP OUT. Belts, schmelts, THIS is the first time I really feel like I've made progress. I must have been doing well because she went straight to her old favorite dirty trick, the arm across the neck. But what she didn't know is that in the time she was away we learned how to deal with that and in fact to turn the situation to our advantage; not only to stay calm when someone's doing a handstand on your trachea but to actually kind of welcome it because it's easy to turn it into a choke.

I didn't react aloud in class, of course, but inside my heart was doing that little victory thing with its hands. Totally worth the mat burn.

9:09 PM

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