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 Friday, November 11

Ok, I'm kind of back to normal. I've been working a lot to make up for the almost-month on the road, and the web connection there only goes to a handful of sites. I hate insecure IT guys who have to keep themselves indispensable by overcomplicating simple things. But I digress.

I got the graphic up there, dang it, and I have been thinking about y'all, just not online and you know I'm congenitally unable to pick up a phone. Anyway: a belated but very happy birthday wish to B, and a warm welcome to the brand-new O.

I know I keep saying this, but I'm finally getting back on track, for real this time. The other day in kickboxing I got a burst of strength and energy that felt like I finally burned through the sluggy goo I've been swimming through this whole time. I had to use a good Republican blend of strong-arm tactics and blatant lying to myself but I've wrenched myself back into my old routine. It's still a little snugger than I'd like, but that won't last long now that I'm back doing it.

Spencer's baboon butt is better, too, which is a relief. I'm upgrading their food, though, from the ordinary expensive pet store stuff to the organic more expensive health food store stuff with a marginally better list of ingredients. I'm fixin' to put them all on Catkins, since I know it's better for them, even though Emma doesn't have any weight to lose. Delancey could drop a few, and poor blobby Spencer really needs to lose at least enough weight that she is able to clean her own ass. So I'm hunting around for foods with the smallest amount of grain in them, wishing the low-carb bubble would have hung around long enough that someone would have come out with an all-animal dry food. There's no reason in the world for these guys to be eating rice.

Of course the more I read about it, the more people tell me that if I feed them dry food at all I might as well be burning them with cigarettes, since I'm such a bad bad horrible cat mother. I'm actually perfectly willing to grind up meat and chicken guts and all the goodies it would take to feed them a perfect raw food diet. B has come to terms with meat in the fridge, so a few containers of mystery meat wouldn't be much of a stretch. The big issue is, I don't want them to have to rely on me to get fed. I mean, they rely on me to keep the bowl full of kibble, but it's not that common that the bowl gets empty and they have nothing until I give them something. I think this can only lead to them waking me up when they're hungry, and I've spent years trying (successfully!) to prevent that from ever happening. We'd need to put them on a serious schedule and make ourselves available to feed them at x hour AM and PM. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad. I dunno. I guess I'll see what happens once they've fully switched over to the better food.

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