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 Wednesday, October 12

Brisbane! It's summer here, crazy hot and sunny. We went to a koala sanctuary and fed kangaroos and took a boat ride today. Unfortunately I'm still fighting this cold, as the photos of me with the critters will show. Koalas are nothing like you think they are, not nearly as cuddly, but it was stil cool to hold one. I don't think he really got me with his scent glands, but like I said I have a cold so who knows.

Internet's not free at this hotel either, sadly, but B found this cafe and it's free for the next half hour so here I am. I've got to give the laptop back, but wanted to check in. In summary, weather, check; flora, check; fauna, check. Makes up for the fact that Brisbane thus far has been kind of a nothing mall town. But we haven't really gotten out to see the town yet; maybe further explorations will reveal the cool side of Brisvegas.

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