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 Monday, October 17

...aaand here we are in Sydney. Far as I can tell, it's London but with a funny accent. We walked by the opera house this morning for breakfast, and yes, it's there.

The tour politics are interesting. I thought it was my turn in the barrel but since the lighting designer just went home apparently it was hers. So to sum up the tour so far, the tour manager gave notice on the plane ride here, the lighting designer got fired midway through, and dissent of any kind will not be tolerated. Everybody's pissed off and paranoid and stressed out, and catching MY cold which I apparently cooked up in my lab to deliberately infect other people. Good thing there's no complaining! I love being Mary Fucking Sunshine!

In any case, Adelaide was a lovely town. Very walkable and small, with a market that's just fantastic when it's open.

I'm not feeling Sydney yet, but we haven't really gotten out to explore. All the pubs were closed last night at 11 when we wanted to take the lighting designer out, and it was rough to find breakfast this morning. It's weird. Feels like we're out of sync. At least we have some time to explore on our own without the office politics for a couple of days, and then I go home anyway. It'll be good to have the old internet connection back and not be worried about the ticking clock.

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