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 Sunday, September 18

Well well well, what a time it's been. Today is almost completely a day off; I've got one illustration to do but other than that it's all optional. It's 79 degrees out there without a cloud in the clear blue sky and I'm thinking this last illustration can wait until it gets dark out, thankyouverymuch.

I've been working hard on a lot of different jobs lately, only one of which was under an assumed name, so I guess that's progress. We had the DG shows and I did my part perfectly with no fuckups so I'm happy with that. The applause was still ringing in the theatre as I put down my ClearCom and vaulted behind the merch table to sell merchandise, much of which I'd designed and/or produced myself. Askin', askin' always multitaskin'.

I wish I could bring my button crap to the dojo to do when I have free time there. Or the illustrations. The girlfriend of one of the dojo people just had massive surgery so I'm filling in a lot there. Those aren't billable hours, per se, but it works out well for me. I am trading my time for a bottomless supply of classes, and I much prefer it that way. If I got a paycheck there, it'd be minuscule, and the monthly payments for classes would stress me out to the point of quitting, I fear, so this is a good system for as long as it may last. I've got just one more payment to make on my original plan and then my monthly nut will drop a bit, which will be a nice load off my stress level. I'm still looking forward to dropping the mortgage payments, which will be a frabjous day indeed, but that's a ways off.

Meanwhile, other than work there hasn't been all that much going on. I went to a baby shower in Brooklyn yesterday, and you know how I feel about baby showers, and you know how I feel about schlepping to Brooklyn, so that's saying something. It was a good party, with both men and women in attendance. The conversation was about all sorts of different topics, and lively. And the food! Oh, how we ate, and drank, including great quantities of the oddly-popular diet Mug cream soda. And now I know what a $750 baby stroller looks like. I still don't understand why anyone would buy one, but I've long been a Dedicated Ignorer of Fashion so that whole mindset is alien to me anyway.

Gosh, it's been a while. Lots has happened, too much to remember and/or post all at once. I hope to get back to my usual mundane frequent posting in the near future, boring you to death on a much more regular basis.

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