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 Sunday, September 25

Good day today. A day off to rest body and mind, both of which I needed. I've been lifting weights a little bit, and my off days are the days I do karate, so they're not strictly off days. But today was. Also a day off to relax on the food thing and eat big, and today was. Also a day off to let my brain simmer the language stuff I've been learning, without adding anything new. Which today was. It was also a good day for chewing the fat, literally and metaphorically, with a friend who's on the verge of let's just say a major lifestyle adjustment. It'll be fascinating to see how things change in the next few weeks/months/years. Also a day without work, the positive aspects of which I needn't explain.

Tomorrow promises to be pretty good as well. Strictly optional activities; I get to decide what I want to do at any given moment. I will take one long walk, to find out whether a particular building on a particular block in a particular neighborhood is suitable for some bicoastal VIPs, and B's coming home, tomorrow, not Tuesday as I thought this whole time, so it's a good thing I pushed the vacuum around today. And of course I have kickabutt at night, but, other than that, it's a day for me to try to get ahead of the game by making buttons for the Aussie tour. I know which ones sold in the first two shows in Italy, but some fuckhead stole the menu poster thingy at the second-to-last show, so I don't imagine they sold too many pins at the last show. Every one that sells is more walking-around money for me, so it's completely worth kicking ass now to be sure I have enough to sell in Australia. Once I get into factory mode, it all goes fairly painlessly, and I can do language tapes while I work, so yay for multitasking.

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