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 Tuesday, August 23

Wow, you should see the lasagna that's in the oven right now. It's monstrous. It's got homemade slow-simmered sauce, oodles of roasted vegetables—locally grown, organic—and a truly, truly disturbing amount of cheese. Porcini took the place of the meat, eggplant took the place of the noodles, and the thing is as high as a seven-layer cake. A reasonable serving would probably be about two square inches, but that will be difficult because it's at least twice that high. And it's not a small pan. This is the lasagna pan I bought back when I ate pasta (come ON, Dreamfields, give us a lasagna noodle already!) expressly because a standard lasagna noodle will fit into it across its short length without having to break an inch off it. I always hated that.

The whole refrigerator was full, and now it's empty and the former contents are in the oven, baking. Soon it will be condensed further into a neat stack of Tupperware and then it'll be off on its way to be consumed by any number of hungry people. Nice way to spend four or five hours, I'd say. I sure hope it's good.

10:39 PM

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