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 Wednesday, August 24

Not the best day. I couldn't get myself grounded today. We had the first rehearsal for the NYC shows, where she recorded material for a new bit she's thinking about adding. This means I didn't do a whole hell of a lot, which was fine by me since the lasagna took over last night when we were going to do a pre-rehearsal rehearsal. I have to study my notebook between now and Friday's rehearsal to get my head back into the show; there are things in my handwriting that I have no memory of and don't understand.

I dragged my sorry butt to the dojo afterwards, whining about the steps in the PATH station and wondering how I was going to even get through the three-minute warmup run. But of course what happened was so predictable: it starts with the run, then the stretching, then next thing I knew we were lined up and somebody said to do something and then the next thing I knew three classes had gone by and I'd walked home and had a nice hot shower and finally felt like myself again...but just a little more so.

11:34 PM

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