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 Friday, August 12

I'm on a spree, a spree, I tell you. I'm a hydratin' fool today. If it's green, I watered it. There's a radius of sighing leaves plumping themselves back up around me, and a truckload of soil making happy liquid noises as it absorbs the water. We must be setting some kind of record for number of days over 90 degrees around here, and the li'l greenies were suffering.

I somehow ended up with a bunch of wonderfully free time and have used it all up most productively. The kitchen is habitable again, and, as a bonus, I figured out what really works to get the fingerprints and watermarks off stainless steel (NO: Simple Green towelettes, vinegar, dish soap, Mr. Clean, Urnex; YES: Soft Scrub and plenty of elbow grease with a soft dry towel). All of the stainless steel-cleaning products leave a film of oil behind but it's like a laquered brass belt buckle; once that surface is compromised you have to get all of that protective gak off and just clean it for real.

I started to try to back up all my mp3s but that is kind of a joke. I've got way too many of them and it'd take a stack of DVDs. I guess I will do it someday, but that day is not today. I am not going anywhere near that drive when I upgrade to Tiger, anyway, so who cares.

It's been a good couple of weeks, lots of time spent with family, lots of work, lots of kickabutt. I seem to have strained my vastus lateralis but I'm gonna try to take a class or two tonight anyway. We'll see if that works out...I'll bring bus fare just in case.

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