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 Monday, August 22

All right. A moment to breathe. The magazine is brushing its teeth and fluffing the pillow and almost ready to be put to bed. It's down to the tweaky details, and it's the best issue to date, by far. (Yes, we all know precisely how much that is saying.) I've committed to the longer stay in Australia this fall and finally gotten those unanswered emails off my desktop. Two fewer swords hanging, that's darn good.

Pretty sad not to be getting on a plane tomorrow morning, though. I have to come up with a replacement birthday adventure. I want it to involve a really fresh bluefish or two; originally I wanted to catch said fish but I don't think that's practical or realistic, so I will be happy to simply get "down the shore" and eat some good fresh fish. I like bluefish even better than salmon so if it's done right I'll be a happy camper. And if it's done wrong I'll go someplace else and try it again.

12:37 PM

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