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 Monday, July 4

So, fireworks, big whoop. They were in the East River again so all the low stuff becomes a backdrop for the Bomb Pops of Manhattan. Give me the Pride fireworks any time: shot from the Hudson right across from us, and lots and lots of colors instead of the limited palette of red, white and blue. The best thing about tonight was that there were a couple of dogs on the roof. The worst thing was that there were a couple of Douchebags on the roof. (And now they are talking about putting roof padding down and spending a lot of time up there, having fought the idea tooth and nail for the last year, the fucknuckles.)

Back to work, not a moment too soon. I have to finish redoing this illustration and vpn it to the company's server before 9ish tomorrow. I can think of an awful lot of things I'd rather do, but I need the billable hours.

9:55 PM

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