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 Friday, July 1

Naturally enough, this morning was all about B packing and getting the gear together at the last minute for the Italy tour. It's hereditary, I think. While that was happening, I was IMing with my brother and next thing I knew he was on his way up here with his Little Giant. Nice fuckin' ladder. We used it to cut the hole in the siding for the stove vent. B did most of the altitude work, since he could stand on a lower rung than D or I could and still reach the hole. We were all fully aware of his complete lack of time, but he did a fine job anyway and dang if he didn't make his plane after all. And besides, he's going to a civilized country. If he forgot anything important, he can buy a new one in Milan.

It was kind of a bummer when the two of my Main Men both left, but I made some nice lunch and dealt with a little work stuff. Then it was time to head down and feed the first two cats. They're really freaky looking, and just irresistible. Somehow they're so ugly they wrap around to being cute. (Kind of like Mick Jagger, or Steven Tyler.) Especially the sealpoint one, who's partially buzzcut, so he has this tiny little skinny body with a great big poofy tail, huge furry boots, and a GIANT HEAD with those big blue eyes. Too. Cute. The white one is longhaired all over and has big goopy eyes and that pushed-in face that makes you say "awwwwwww" in a way that you fortunately never really have to define as either awwww cute or awwwww you poor hideous thing. You just want to feed it. Both of them were friendly and seemed pretty comfortable in their air-conditioned pad with ESPN on the tube.

Got to class after that, a nice small class where Sensei just killed us. I've posted before about the circle crunches...but we've never done quite this many of them before. And the pushups, huge numbers of pushups, oh, the humanity. Don't know why so many of us stayed for kickboxing, considering we were all having difficulty lifting our arms. But we did, and it was a shoulder workout extraordinaire. My deltoids are ready to fly. Didn't get tested after all, so my next belt will have to wait until next week. I need the rest now anyway; I'll try to be active but not too active over the long weekend.

Home, shower, vitamins. brush my toofers, and it's good night sweet princ-ess.

10:47 PM

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