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 Friday, July 22

I've been pretty tightly scheduled lately but here's a quick update. I've been working lots, with more to come, which is good. It's enjoyable work and I can do it from home so I can't complain. Much. And of course I do anyway.

We went to the US/Honduras game yesterday. Terrible game, terrible ref, but the US advance to the final so there you are. I will say it's a very different experience when you take the beer out of the picture.

I lost my cell phone on the way home from the stadium and had a heartwrenching session of phone calls to every staff member of every bus company that I could reach at 10 at night. Here's a new thing I learned: Verizon can disable outgoing calls but still leave the phone on and able to ring. The only other option was to kill the account, get a police report, file a claim with the insurance company, and pay a $50 deductible to get the phone replaced. So I decided that there are more good people than bad people in this world, and went for the let-it-ring option. B called and called while I was trying to get to the bus dispatcher (of the wrong bus, as it turned out) and finally someone answered and it was the driver of the stadium bus. What eventually ended up happening was that she gave the phone to the dispatcher who lives not too far from here, and when he finished his shift B met him on the street corner and picked it up. Slipped him a couple bucks, and I sent off a commendation letter to NJTransit for him and the bus driver. I've abbreviated it here, but they both went out of their way to help, and I hope they get big fat raises.

Anyway, things are fairly normal, on the verge of boring, even. Lots of working, lots of butt kicking, not much free time this week but that's okay. The work will dry up soon enough and I can take care of home stuff then.

I'm tired, and I stink, and there's a lot to do tomorrow, but I'll try to be better about the posting around here. I've got a lot to say about the fascinating parade of garbage on Paterson Plank Road.

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