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 Friday, July 15

It's been a fun and action-packed week, full of work, workouts, and walking. I hit 30,000 steps on Tuesday and got over 28,000 yesterday. Two triples at the dojo and there'll be a double tonight. I'm eating lots of protein these days.

Last night we went out for a sail on the Clearwater. It was fairly different from other sailing experiences I've had in the past: there wasn't a drop of alcohol on board. This wouldn't have been a big deal, but at one point they ordered us to have a "moment of peace", rang an Official Bell and everything. We obediently stopped talking, and it would have been very nice if it weren't for the helicopter traffic over the Hudson. The Moment was ended when two of the crew members started singing a chantey. Note how many verses there are. There are a lot. And of course we were on the boat with a million Chelsea lefties who just love that shit. And of course one of them had a guitar on her. (Fortunately, the Weapon of Mass Irritation stayed safely stowed in the pocket of her guitar case.) She played, the gathered lefties sang, and my eyes rolled so far back in my head I saw my own brain. At one point she asked for requests, and it's a good thing I was facing the water. Only B saw the evil rictus of cruel malignity that crossed my face. I thought about asking for "The Sound of Silence" but feared it'd be misinterpreted as a request for the Simon and Garfunkel song. Instead, she trotted out every hoary hippie anthem there was, every last verse of every one of them. And there are a lot of verses. Every time you think it's finally over, there's one more verse. Fucking hippies. Who brings a guitar on a boat ride? If you ain't gonna play "God Wears Bernie Boots", shut the fuck up.

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