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 Friday, June 17

What I intended to do this morning: get up early, bang out the rest of the Elvis order, hook up the old scanner, work on the annoying order, fill one small regular order, get it all in the mail, take a kickabutt class at noon, and be well ready to get on the bus to my brother's birthday dinner.

What I did: got up late, spent half an hour peeling 40 cloves of garlic and putting it in the crockpot with some chicken, discovered that Microtek hasn't bothered to make a driver that will work in Panther, dawdled, procrastinated, futzed around, finally got the Elvis order and the small order done, took them to the post office, ate some chicken, and now we're all kinds of late for the bus.

I'm glad I walked when I did, though. I got to hear a mockingbird imitate a car alarm, and saw some XXX HOT HOT LADYBUG ACTION on a leaf. It also happens to be a perfect day out there.

Gotta throw some stuff in a bag and get outta here.

2:48 PM

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