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 Wednesday, June 15

What a day, already. It's just noon and I've already been down the hill to get cat food, and up the hill to go to the PO and to the Shaque to get some heat shrink tubing, which means over 8000 steps on the pedo-meter already today, which means I've hit TWO MILLION steps for this year! Yay me!

The heat shrink tubing, besides being an awful lot of fun to ask for, will be used to try to clean out the nozzles of my incredibly expensive boat anchor, so that it will turn back into a printer, so I can do this Elvis job. I should have bought a syringe, too, but I think I can make do with one of the glass pipettes I happen to have lying around the office. I will get the nozzles soaking and then work on the annoying job until I can get the printer unclogged and get back to Elvis. My big ambition in life right now is to drop at least one padded envelope into the mailbox on my way down to the dojo today. Good thing a) the weather has cooled down a little bit, b) I've got lots of pushy Romanian pop on the iTunes, and c) I'm all hopped up on green tea and coconut oil and just bustin' with energy right now. Fonely that could translate into inspiration for this job.

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