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 Wednesday, June 15

Well. The printer, which had been printing test sheets more and more distressing, blanker and blacker and worse, all day: is fine. The heat-shrink tubing treatment may have worked, or maybe it's just that the ambient temperature in this room got below 90 degrees. For whatever reason, I just printed out a test sheet and it was PERFECT. I don't care why; I'm banging out these Elvis buttons real quick before I wake up from this lovely dream.

In other reports from what must be dreamland, a search for packets of low-carb ketchup brought me to foodservicedirect. I may spend the rest of the night there. I'm no stranger to restaurant supply websites, as anyone who's visited my kitchen would tell you, but this one's got something special: the delightful and surreal "Bulk Food" tab. Look! Thickened coffee, Honey Consistency! And Food Grade Chemicals, Food Products, Misc.! And are you going to tell me you don't need a case of Bun Toasting Oil?

11:18 PM

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