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 Friday, June 3

I'm all sweaty. Oh no wait, what is it: horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow. So I should say I glowed my balls off in kickboxing today. It was more of a running workout than anything else; I was with a guy who pretty much backed away the whole time. coughpussycough. Give me a strong woman who holds her ground and hits back any time.

It's all buttonia around here. I'm glad to be getting away for the weekend; this project I'm working on has a frustrating lack of direction and I'm spinning my creative wheels. A couple of days without emails can only be a good thing.

So it's a weekend with the inlaws. We're going off to the end of the Guyland to spend AH's 75th birthday with her at her place. I'm bringing as much alcohol as I can carry. I think that's always an appropriate birthday present, or house present, or hostess gift, or, hell, I'll just bring a flask.

9:51 PM

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