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 Sunday, May 29

Well, there's plants in the ground, ok? No, they're not the organic heirloom varieties I would have liked, but, dammit, they're in the ground. And not a moment too soon. Three kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers galore, strawberries and basil have all been purchased, planted, staked, caged and gently fenced in out back. A little maintenance here and there and we should be munching happily by summer's end.

I also finally finished the radiator cover for the kitchen powder room, so I have my work table back and the radiator is as it should be. Other than that, we spent the day hanging out with a friend, exchanging gigs and gigs of music, and I dug out my old Palm Pilot [sic] and am trying to find software for it, which is harder than you might think. Seems the Palm community looks forward and not back, and screw me with my little black and green screen. No matter. I will dig through my backups and install whatever works.

8:53 PM

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