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 Sunday, May 8

So it's been a good weekend. Lots of resting. I did the charity thingy yesterday—didn't run in the race, but I did help out and sell tickets and stuff—and did not win the plasma TV in the raffle.

Just had a nice dinner with the inlaws, nice more for the company than the food, which I thought was a bit disappointing. I enjoyed the hell out of myself today, spent the whole day in the kitchen with EDITH™; it's a shame the results weren't better. I made a hot spinach and artichoke dip (which was tasty, albeit a tad on the oily side), cheeses, almond crackers (which I overcooked a little bit), toasted baguette slices for the carb eaters, mushroom soup with wedges of roasted portobello (which I should have cut smaller; it was tough to cut with a spoon) and lacy parmesan crackers; then salmon cakes for the marinarians, featuring homemade aioli (which they needed because they were kind of dry), an artichoke fritatta for A, who doesn't eat fish, roasted cauliflower with parmesan (which was okay but the parmesan was a little bitter), and spinach with pine nuts and sultanas (which I thought came out horribly bitter but B says was good; probably because he ate the raisins and I picked all of them out of mine). Finished off with a champagne zabaglione over some sweet yet remarkably affordable organic strawberries; the only part of the meal I was really happy with. I'll make that again and again this summer when the berries come in.

Now it's that peaceful time of night where the house is tidy, the kitchen is all clean and wiped down, the second load of dishes is running, and it's time to wind down for the night. I do have one little bit of work to do but I can work on that while I'm on the phone with my momma.

Back to the normal grind tomorrow. I've got my lunches plotted out and individually portioned, coleslaw made and packaged, cauliflower cut up and baggied, eggs boiled, all I need to do is wash and stem some spinach and I'm good to go on morning autopilot until sometime a few days from now, when I'll need to make a batch of yogurt. And that's my life. Sigh.

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