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 Saturday, May 28

A little followup on the gum thing. I got my Epic and Spry xylitol gums today in the mail. I'm not too impressed with either of them. Spry comes in a cute squat plastic jar. The individual gums are small, like Chiclets, and start off very soft but quickly get unusually tough when you chew them. They also have very little cinnamon flavor. I'd say they're similar to the Flip-a-Mints in that regard. Epic have a bit more cinnamon to them at first, but also lose their flavor quickly and turn into rubber bands. They come in a vitamin bottle, basically, with a bonus tin which isn't as nice as it looks on the website. The other thing is that both of these high-xylitol gums are oddly cool in the mouth. I knew about the cooling effect of xylitol, but this is really noticeable. It's like the pieces had been stored in the fridge.

A couple more items I forgot to mention yesterday: Target brand cinnamon mints come in a nice tin but have aspartame in them and don't taste like much. Cinnamon Listerine breath strips are mediciney and gross, as you'd expect from the people who make Listerine. Unfortunately, all the drugstore and supermarket knockoffs are of this kind, not the excellent Altoids strips. If it's in a plastic case, beware. They can't hold a candle to the Altoids strips, still my favorite. Fonely they wouldn't melt into a single chunk when exposed to humidity.

Spent the early afternoon in the back, digging up the condo compost pile and tilling the bottom half of it into the future vegetable garden. We pulled all the weeds from the whole back area, layered them up with the big sticks and stuff that was yet undigested, and piled it all back into the Stairway to Nowhere. Come fall, that's gonna be some good humus. It was a fine morning's exercise. Got some sunshine on my shoulders, which made me... well, a little sunburned, actually, and in an interesting shape due to the racerback shirt I was wearing. Showered, changed, and now our other gardening neighbor is going to come by for some beers and the US/England game. Tomorrow we'll go get a bunch of tomato plants and some herb seeds or plants and finish the garden. I hope it rains tonight to wash all that wormy goodness into the clayish soil; those worms worked hard and came strong with some serious black gold. I'll donate some more Highly Trained Working Worms to the pile tomorrow.

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