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 Thursday, April 7

Mmmm....sleeeeeep..... what a difference it makes to be well rested. The looming pile of life that's been stressing me out so much later has retreated to a manageable size, at least for now. Still gotta do the taxes this weekend, but that's just what it is and no more. Filed the end of the magazine job, and I've been officially declared freeeeee! for the rest of the night and am seriously considering just going to bed now to try to keep this well-rested thing going.

I've got one more day at the Desk Job this week, and I'll be sure to pack my power supply so I can drown out the Scheißradio all day and still have some juice in the Pod to get me home. I can't take repetition, just can't stand it when something is overplayed, so I tend to load the Pod up with random or new (to me) music and podcasts. I've also been listening to meditation stuff and brain-wobbling frequencies a lot lately, seeing if I can't install some positive brain programming during my daily commute. Might be working, might not, but, really, a looped sound file of a blender filled with gravel and set to frappé would be an improvement over that goddamn Wires song. And do not get me started on Fucking. Hoobastank. The job's stressful enough, what with the infinitely-looping Zeno's Paradoxical edits of an evil elf, but the constantly-repeated crap tunes multiply my annoyance level, and man, you do not want to ratchet that shit up, you just don't. I know it's not very professional to work with headphones in, but it's that or I'll effin' snap.

What else. House is coming along. Kitchen just lacks a couple small details and a hole in the wall, ridge vent is finally installed and working, maybe this weekend after/during taxes we'll sand the floor up there and get that room back again. It's time to start seeds for the condo garden. Spring's here, hallefuckinglujah.

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