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 Friday, April 29

It's morning in Kitchener. Yesterday was kind of a blur of travel and fatigue but we got here just fine. The hotel is nice, from a time when some people lived in this town. Unlike now, when there doesn't seem to be any here here. We walked around a bit yesterday and it's just a ghost town: former stores everywhere all closed. They don't look particularly old, either, like they were part of a boom a decade or so ago which has absolutely busted.

You don't see people around, either. It feels like a college town that's closed for the summer. But it's not summer! Apparently there is a huge Asian population around here; there are at least two big Asian supermarkets within walking distance and an unusual number of martial arts schools of different disciplines. I don't know who uses them, though. The only Asian people I've seen so far were all in the supermarket.

There's a big Saturday market which we'll be checking out tomorrow if there's time; I hope to see people then. The town has a kind of neat marketplace which looks like it'd be really cool a la Vancouver's Granville Island market...if there were anyone there. (And if the coffee place opened before 11 AM for chrissakes.)

We visited the venue. It's a church, a very churchy church, pews, stained glass, great big murder weapons hanging everywhere. Our ragtag bunch of Jews, atheists, and general heathen types is sure to make some really serious faux pas since none of us is sure what it's okay to touch or move or use in the show or whatever. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out--the lighting designer has a couple of serious days of work ahead of her. She's threatening to choreograph some homoerotic (of course) scene involving altar boys. The church is so underpowered they will be setting up a generator outside. We saw one (1) power outlet in the upper balcony where the sound equipment will be set up. I think we'll be sure to charge up the Powerbooks before we get there. There is nothing there for sound or light right now, but in about an hour this will noisily start to change as the trucks start loading gear. Normally we'd be playing a theatre with at least some of this stuff there already, and usually any gear they had to rent would also be at least roughly placed by the time we got there for sound check. This should be fun. I think we should make a point of spending our buyouts on hearty breakfasts today.

Lots more to write but I'll do that after I've had some coffee and put in my contacts.

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