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 Monday, March 21

Wowee, what a day! I'm glad I knew in advance what a killer it'd be and got a good night's sleep last night. I listened to mind-wobbling sounds this morning, got all nice and trancey and receptive and visualized and affirmed myself into a rich lather to prepare for the testing tonight. I did more of the same on the train after work. It worked. I celebrated by staying around for more classes. Here's a fun fact: most young healthy people don't do three classes in a row, especially after the first one which was widely agreed to be an unusually tough one. So you can imagine how my tired old carcass is feeling now: like I was rode hard and put away wet, as they say. But in a good way. All my muscles feel well-worked and strong...phew, I'm rather strong indeed, now that I mention it. I am mostly looking forward to how I'll feel after I finish this cup of tea and a nice hot shower. I shall work towards that now, and turn on the blanket first so the bed will be good and hot when I get into it. Delicious! Lordy, my idea of a hot night certainly has changed over the years.
10:13 PM

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