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 Sunday, March 13

Who thought working five days a week was a good idea, anyway? That's craziness. Maybe four, max, but really, let's think in terms of three from now on.

Boom, boom, boom, time to hide in my room. Just found out two people I know are knocked up, but neither of them is telling yet, so sssh*. And the gal pals who had the Boston (well, Springfield, actually, but same idea*) marriage just had their own bwessed event: their son Deandre arrived right on time on Friday. He's 10, and I think they rock for adopting him. Between these, L's Fresh Samantha, E&K's little Calvin and the four, yes, four current condo babies, we've got a serious boom going on around here. I'm sticking to bottled water for the forseeable future.

We took a good long walk today, cruising around the neighborhoods we don't usually spend much time in. It was a fine use of a couple of hours on a good walking day. We went by the house that a FOAF bought and sold without ever spending a night there. Apparently he didn't know until after the closing that some people who look different from him lived nearby, and apparently this was a problem, so they sold it and moved to Shelter Island.

In other news, Sears' free delivery thingy didn't end on Friday after all, so this week after my replacement credit card arrives we get to go buy a new washer, oh joy of joys.

*(I'll give you a hint: both are female.)

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