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 Wednesday, March 16

What a difference a night makes. An involving dream about a long-ago someone kept me up half the night and has me in a weird spinny funk today, looking for connections that aren't there and giving way too much weight to something that only exists as a bunch of electrical impulses inside my head. The biggest issue is the lack of sleeeeep <tm..who was that...Noise Farm?> and my poor old sandpaper eyes. The password is: irritation here in this overheated office as I'm working on a pointless document with tiny type and lots of footnotes with the guys doing noisy construction upstairs who sound like they'll be sawing through the floor and joining us down here some time soon. Can't wait for this work day to be over. I need a good sweaty workout, bad. A couple years ago I would have just automatically gotten shitfaced after a day like this; guess that's progress, huh? At least with the symptom if not the cause.
1:51 PM

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