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 Sunday, March 27

Meant to do a lot today. Didn't do shit today. The original plan was to either sand the solarium floor, finish the kitchen once and for all, or do our taxes. I baked some cookies. I really want to make a sugar-free version of the Girl Scout classic Samoas. I'd checked out a box which was hanging around at the job and reverse engineering was out of the question; the ingredients are pretty much a recipe for Big Fat American Heart Disease: sugar, trans fats, sugar, and sugar. Gross, unhealthy, and, really, I can't believe people still eat this shit and feed it to their loved ones. In any case, I took a whack at making something similar, minus the poison, and it was a pretty tasty treat—but nothing at all like the original cookie. No biggie, now I've got another flavor of frozen cookie dough balls in the freezer and a nice batch of some dangerously delicious caramel for when I try again.

While waiting for the Somewhatmoas to cool, I had an idea for the most sophisticated cookies I've ever made. Of course it follows logically that I then had to name them after a Dead Kennedys song. Made up a batch, liked it a lot, and now I've got yet another flavor of frozen cookie dough balls in the freezer. I submitted it to the recipe collection at one of the sites I visit. When it gets approved I'll post a link to the full recipe over at the BDP, since, as you may have noticed, that poor thing has fallen into neglect.

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