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 Thursday, February 10

Soon, very soon, I'll have my life back. This work thing is just getting out of hand, especially since I'm not making any money at it. I'm saving money I'd otherwise spend on classes, but that doesn't help with the rest of my expenses. I've got a bunch of band buttons to do this weekend, too (also for no money, but, hey, t-shirts!) I'm seriously considering working at Starbie's; free coffee, health care, and Splenda. And even a little bit of money. Not very much, of course, but apparently that's not a requirement for me.

I've got to woman the desk at the dojo today and then come home, fill some button orders, and teach a friend some Photoshop. Then the night is all mine and I can apply myself to the important tasks of life that I've been neglecting, like sewing my other gi, making a batch of yogurt, and putting a few hundred more coats of seasoning on the vegetarian cast-iron pan. The meat pan, of course, has a long restaurant career behind it and gets frequent use here cooking all sorts of good greasy stuff, so it makes a fine strigine fecal lubricant already without any effort on my part.

The one good thing about all this dojo time is that I'm there alone and once the chores are done I can spend the time reading. I've gotten back into the groovy mental stuff and am making the most of my time there. It's a shame the phone rings so much; it'd be a nice place to meditate if it weren't for all the interruptions.

Time to pack my lunch and get out of here.

8:47 AM

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