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 Saturday, February 26

I'm working tomorrow, so I can't go to the Saturday double, so I schlepped down to the dojo tonight to take the one core class. Usually I don't bother on Fridays; it's kind of too much time to spend for just the one class that's available. So it was especially suckalicious when I pulled a quadricep muscle five minutes in, not terribly badly—just a Grade 1 strain, in my professional opinion—but badly enough that I couldn't do the class. I just changed and hobbled home. I think it's karma from all the chicken thighs I've been eating lately.

At least now I won't feel quite so bitter tomorrow when I watch the double classes from behind the desk. There's also a kiddie birthday party scheduled for tomorrow. I'm bringing a homemade lava cake so I don't look like a pathetic dieter when I refuse the crappy sheet cake. Honestly, they're the ones who are deprived and suffering, man, you should try this lava cake. It's really and truly eye-rollingly ambrosial. Come on over and I'll make you one.

Kitchen looks great. It's all about the surface treatment now, so it will take another couple of days if we really want to do it right, which we do. There's no point in rushing things at this stage. Besides, as soon as we finish the kitchen it will be time to start sanding the floors upstairs, and that's gonna be a major pain in the ass. Or, more precisely, the thigh.

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