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 Friday, February 18

I took an afternoon karate class today to keep myself from murdering the electrician. In hindsight, though, ridding the world of Cranky McFuckknuckle would have been a service. This way he survives to do shoddy work in other peoples' houses, and that ain't right. At least he turned the thermostat more or less to a vertical position after we pointed out the fact that it was installed sideways. ("But all the other ones are that way!") It doesn't align with any of the other objects he installed near it, of course, but none of them are plumb anyway. Whose idea was it to hire a cubist electrician in the first place?

The ridge vents don't work in any of the units, yet. This may be because the fucktard wired all of them 3rong, or because the (sideways) thermostats need to hit a higher number before the ridge vents operate. I'm a wee bit concerned, though, since it was C McF's job to install them, and to connect the ridge vents to said (sideways) thermostats, and I'm not convinced he did that. Time will tell.

In any case, I found a nice heavy Stanley hammer on my walk down to karate. I'm not sure how to interpret that clearly significant message from the universe, so for now I'm going with "Here, have a free hammer." We needed one, anyhow. We had one good heavy hammer that we always fought over, and one wimpy girly one which wasn't good for much more than tapping brads into drywall. So now we can bang away with simultaneous swinging abandon. Won't the neighbors be thrilled! Me, I'm just happy there are still jobs in the house that we aren't required to hire "professionals" to do. We may take a long time to do them, and they may end up imperfect, but any flaws that we leave in the finished product are charming and add to its character. Not like this guy.

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