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 Saturday, February 19

I decided to challenge myself, face the unknown, stick my neck out, and all that yadda. I signed up for the nascent TSK grappling team and went to the first practice today, at the hueuueueueuege Manhattan school. It was a long, grueling workout, but more or less fun despite my being constantly, sweatily, and rather rudely reminded that I still totally suck at grappling. It's very unlike me to do this; normally I am pretty good at being there, blogging that, and taking my t-shirt, never to return. But for some reason I want to keep doing this. For one thing, there are so few women involved that I think any female who has the slightest interest really should do it, just so there are people to play with and so the better fighters have somebody to practice on. But for another, I'm giving this whole "practice" thing a try, going to see if it's possible to actually get better at something if I keep at it. Of course I want to be magically great at it, have an innate talent that just needs some polishing, but it sadly seems that I'm not actually starring in a feel-good movie after all. So I'm going to try the persistence route for a while, see how that works out.

Home stuff is coming along nicely now. Other than the idiot electrician, the solarium is pretty much done. Assuming I can walk tomorrow (did I mention grueling?) the plan is to sand the floor and stairs up there. We've got the old knee pads, some new dust masks, a borrowed belt sander, and a couple rolls of blue masking tape. We've also got the Mouse sander for the little bits around the banister, and miles of gritty paper to stick on both devices. That and our gritty determination should go a long way. We also got a big lurching step further on the kitchen this morning, so when we take breaks from the solarium we can move that along too. It'll be a wonderful weekend of pain, stain and polyurethane. We're gonna have some serious housitosis over the next few days, but someday soon it'll all be satiny smooth and so so satisfying.

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