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 Friday, February 25

Huge big time progress on the kitchen today. B got all the trim up around the doors while I was at work, and we got another couple huge steps done this evening, right up until Lady D came by and asked us to stop hammering. (Silly cow, we were chiseling.) There's just one more assembly step, which shouldn't take even an hour, then a bit more staining, and then polysandpolysandpoly until it's done. I also want to build one more wee shelf, but that one will be a lot less complicated than what we've done so far. I hope B doesn't have to go to the city tomorrow too early; we can get this thing done quickly if there are two of us working on it but it'll be pretty iffy with just one. He can go dig out his dad after that, and I'll work on the finish.
12:13 AM

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