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 Saturday, January 22

Wow, it's awesome out there! The blizzard is blizzarding. There are only three inches or so on the ground in Hoboken, four or five up here, but it still made the walk home a nice lower-body workout. It wasn't the trudging so much as the lack of traction which made the whole walk feel kind of like trying to roller skate uphill. I had to work at the dojo today, and couldn't participate in the classes, so I needed the exercise anyhow. Glad I don't have a real job, I bet I'd be pissed about the blizzard happening over the weekend if I did!

My All-Terrain Sports Utility Boots worked like champs, by the way. I wore them most of the day with no sweaty smelly stuff happening, and after the trudge home I took them off and my feet are as warm and dry as when I put them on. A fine purchase indeed, worth much more than the clearance price I paid for them.

I made my way home past the panicking Hobokenites who are jamming every store that sells food or foodlike products and frantically stocking up. I snicker, both because they're very silly indeed to think they're going to starve after a couple days of snow and also because I already have the contents of all the local supermarkets in my fridge, freezer, and pantry and could survive for months on what I have here. Yeah, I've kind of been compulsively over-shopping lately, but who's the crazy one now, huh? huh?

I think I'm going to go invent a new soup: sort of a baked stuffed potato, but with cauliflower instead of the starch. I think if I just put enough bacon and cheddar and cream in that bad boy I can't go wrong. If I need to put a dollop of sour cream on top of each serving, well, so be it then. The Massachusetts Vegans called and aren't going to make the drive down here in the next couple of days, surprise surprise, so I'm feeling free to stink up the house with Big Pig. I've cleared my shhhhedule for the next two days and plan to do little more than cook, eat, and clear off the TiVo. I'm giddy with antici—say it—pation.

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