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 Monday, January 17

Woke up this morning to a big hazy world. This is the second time I've forgotten to take out my contacts before I went to bed. I guess it's a good reflection on them, that they're so comfortable I just forget I'm blind.

Other genius moves today include walking out of the house with two different boots on... to the bank and post office. I realized about the boots just up the street from my house, when I stopped to address a dachshund, but didn't remember about the holiday until I saw the slam gates on the post offfice.

I also rolled on my other hand today and mildly jammed my pinky finger. I've really got to learn how to stop hurting my fingers in grappling. It's worse somehow since it's always my own fault, my own knee that lands on a finger or two and makes it go crrrunch.

The trip up to Massachusetts was fairly uneventful. The weather was cold, the party was nice, the correct football teams won, the ride was short. I've found a series of brain-food tapes that wobble the brain in precise frequencies to supposedly enhance meditation and stuff. I don't know about that, but I do know that they knocked. my. ass. out. Both car rides seemed to take about an hour. I love time travel. It's good to be back to my usual routine, though; nobody walks anywhere when it's that cold out. I got back here to the balmy 20s and was so glad to be walking that last night I dragged B on a long directionless expedition, on which we ended up exploring a part of Hoboken we didn't know was there. Tonight I went back out to get some things at the market even after I'd gotten back from class and was all home and cozy with my tea and stuff.

B's on his way to Rome. I was supposed to go but the venue can't do the show they need me for, so here I sit. It's good, though, since we're crawling with workmen and it's important to have somebody here to keep tabs on them. Left unattended, they tend to do some really halfassed work.

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