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 Friday, January 14

Today was a very pleasant day. All of my interactions with other people were very human and positive, in both directions. As a small example, I was in Bed Bath and Bewildered today, and a worker there saw me looking up at some containers and asked if I needed help, which I did, since they were on a shelf about nine feet in the air. I asked if he had a stick or something to knock them down, he smiled and went and got a stepladder, and I thanked him very much for his help. A minute later he came back with a shopping cart for me, since I was kind of juggling the big containers and my other purchases. I thought that was really sweet and let him know I appreciated it and went on my way, both of us smiling a little after the whole interaction.

Things like that kept happening: a shared glance with another pedestrian with which we agreed about a bad driver, holding elevator doors, smiles, pleases, thank yous and wishes of good days. Basic stuff, really, but somehow it seemed more true today.

I took the afternoon class and since there were only three of us in the class I got what amounted to a private lesson from Joshu. The other two guys alternated holding the pads and shields as usual, but Joshu was holding for me so I got to go twice on every exercise. It was a kickass stamina-building workout—especially since I forgot my regular gloves and had to wear the 14-ounce kickboxing gloves—and I loved every minute of it.

Did the errands after karate and went my way home, where I made chicken soup and roasted a huge number of chicken thighs to eat this week. It was a bad day to be a member of the poultry family in my kitchen. I dismantled my first whole chicken today, going so far as to sautee the liver and eat it up while the rest of the bird was cooking. With a nice chianti. Ththtththpttptththp. I did not, however, go so far as to use the neck or gizzard or the two weird little beanlike things I found in the body cavity. The soup was delicious, but really I thought it needed more preservatives and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

All of this was just a way to procrastinate filling a big button order which I put off until around an hour ago, when I realized it wasn't that bad at all and only took half an hour or so to fill.

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