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 Wednesday, January 5

It's all shitty and rainy and cold up there now, so no new pictures. I don't hear them up there anyway; guess they're working on the interior stuff in the other building, or they took the day off due to weather. The electrician's been here and installed everything so I think the next step is the inspector, then they can fill in the wall. Can't come a minute too soon; Emma got up there yesterday and went straight over to the DB's house, meowing loudly, stupid cat.

Not much else is new. Finger's still fucked up but I'm going to classes tonight. I'm going to try to do kickboxing at least once a week, starting tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. I'm trying to get a schedule together that allows me some recovery time but also has enough classes that I make quick progress. Right now I'm thinking doubles four days a week with a possible triple on Thursdays depending on how rough the first two classes are.

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