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 Sunday, January 23

It should come as a surprise to no one that the turkey's not cooperating with my schedule. It's thawed enough that I was able to get the bag of giblets out, but still very much frozen. So now the plan is to stow it back in the fridge tonight and roast it tomorrow. Some sites say to do this anyway to dry out the skin, so there you are.

I got shackwacky and decided to run down to the market to get a little exercise. As it turned out, I got more than I bargained for: both elevators were broken in the tower so I ended up walking all the way down and up. I can tell you now that there are twenty short flights of stairs in there, which is ten stories' worth of steps. It's very weird to me not to be out of shape. I definitely don't think of myself as someone who would do that without taking a break, and I certainly didn't think I wouldn't be winded at the top. It's constantly strange, this body thing. Sometimes it breaks down on me, like it did the other day, but sometimes it surprises me.

I knew I'd be plodding through high drifts on my short journey, and didn't want to get my cozy sweatpants wet, so I overdressed for the occasion with my snow pants. I was going to get rid of them a couple of years ago because I couldn't even pull them up, and now they're baggy, even over my heavy sweats. Again, just plain weird. I wear them very rarely since they're nylon or something and make a tremendous amount of noise when I walk. As you surely know by now, I'd rather fight than swish. HEL-LO! IS THIS THING ON?

How 'bout dem Iggles?

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