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 Tuesday, January 18

I woke up at 3 in the morning to a sore throat, the awful cold's-a-coming kind where you feel all thirsty and dehydrated but you can't swallow without a whole lot of pain. A dozen squirts of good ol' Chloraseptic helped that and by the time I woke up for real it was much better and I went off to work. Drank tea after tea, echinacea, throat coat, various combinations of every herbal preparation I could find that promised some kind of comfort. A quart of my prescient chicken soup for lunch and I felt pretty much okay by the time I left. Unfortunately, leaving entailed a long walk in the teen temperatures, and it was aggravated again by the time I got home. More tea, more tea, more tea, and I wish I could find Uña de Gato a bit closer to my home than the botanicas of Union City. Guess I'll take a walk tomorrow before it starts to snow and try to get my hands on a cord or so of the stuff.
9:41 PM

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