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 Wednesday, January 19

I went to bed early last night, which turned out to be a good move, since the cranky electrician and his complaining mate got here this morning at the crack of dawn, approximately 24 hours earlier than I expected them. It's good, I guess, since I'm home today, but still it was quite a surprise when the bell rang this morning.

They're making an unholy mess, finding the one good area of sheetrock in the otherwise fucked-up hallway to cut through, and of course they're making tons of noise, leaving the door open, and not locking the cats out. They apparently also don't know how to release the quick-grip clamps that are holding the wood up so the cats can't get out; there's a little chunk missing from the banister where it was clamped where I guess they just pushed it off. And complaining the whole time, about the cold, the stairs, the cats. Must kill...when they're done.

9:57 AM

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