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 Thursday, January 13

I did the killer treble classes again today. I like this feeling. I'm exhausted, and bruising up again nicely, but in a good way. My shoulder is killing me, though. Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to bang out a rather big bunch of pins tomorrow. B has agreed to Rolf my shoulder and neck with the stinky eucalyptus arnica goo, so I hope it'll be better by tomorrow's woodbreaking seminar.

The new belt tonight came as a complete surprise. I feel kind of bad about getting it so quickly, especially since other people, friends, have been waiting and waiting to get their next belts and there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to when you get them. It's frustrating. I personally think it's just straight up attendance; I'm in the top three people in terms of classes taken every week, and the other two are the women who are going for their black belts at the end of the month and need to make some heavy attendance requirements. So I'm kind of zooming through the ranks, faster than I deserve, certainly, since I still totally suck. I think what will happen is I'll get to the high brown with three stripes really fast and then stop there for a very very long time as I learn how to do all this stuff for real before I test for my eventual black belt. People tend to spend years at that last level, and I'll be no exception.

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